like many millennial women i have done a lot of online dating. a few years ago i met this super cool guy, with whom i was completely smitten. he and i had a lot in common – one of those things being a mutual love of pie. he told me about this pie that he’d had once: creamy fluffy peanut butter pie with chocolate topping that completely blew his mind. inspired and intrigued, i promised to make him the best damn peanut butter pie in the world for his upcoming birthday.

a few weeks before said birthday, he ghosted.

i was devastated. i moped around for months, totally avoided pie, peanut butter, baking, and probably talked about it way too much with my friends. but one day, it started to hurt less. i started to realize that anyone who would disappear without an explanation after several months of dating is not really that great, not worth my time, and is certainly not worth missing pie for.

so i decided to start baking again. to begin a quest to make the best damn peanut butter (and more!) pie in the world. to stop missing out on the best life has to offer. i realized that the only person missing out is him, because i’m over here with the world’s best pie and he doesn’t get any.

and you know what? not only have i had the BEST time baking up a storm, but i’ve grown as a human being. i’ve found my true calling. i’ve met an amazing man who is IN IT with me. i’ve put myself out there in new and scary ways and received so much support, encouragement, and love. my heart got broken but i’m totally in LOVE with my life and everyone in it.

and that, my friends, is some seriously sweet revenge.